New on our website: “The Palm Trees of Puglia”

By Dick Oliver

Dick Oliver is a former managing editor of the New York Daily News and hosted a radio show on WABC and WOR for many years with local reporters. He also was also the political TV correspondent for Fox-TV’s “Good Day New York” for more than 12 years.

Years ago, on my first trip to Ireland, while playing golf in the Ring of Kerry on the southwest coast, I was astonished to find palm trees along the edge of fairways bordering the sea.

Palm trees in Ireland? A young golf caddy explained that they had arrived over the centuries from the islands of the Gulf of Mexico via the gulf stream, a warm water channel that has carried palm seeds from the new world to the old.

Now you may ask why a travel piece about the Puglia area of Italy opens with Irish palm trees. Let me explain: You drop into the Puglian city of Bari on an hour-long flight from Rome. Here, at the Bari airport you find palm trees, not only on the coast, but throughout Puglia, which comprises the entire heel of the “boot” of Italy on the map.

Where did these palm trees come from? Da dove provengono? Continue reading…

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