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Tips from recent Puglia travelers

Friday, December 28th, 2012

An article posted on the website of the British newspaper The Telegraph offers a list of suggestions by travelers for making the most of your trip to Puglia.
Some of my favorite places and things are mentioned, in no particular order: the pleasantness of the region’s weather in the spring and fall; the pilgrimage sites of Monte Sant’Angelo and San Giovanni Rotondo; the mysterious Castel del Monte; the Gargano resort town of Vieste; the Alle due Corti trattoria tucked away on a side street in Lecce; the bread of Altamura; the rocky beaches; Puglia’s improving wines; the Romanesque cathedrals in Trani and elsewhere; Alberobello away from the crowds; the Corte Altavilla hotel in Conversano; and the “Baroque gem,” Martina Franca.
These people know what they are talking about. I couldn’t say it better myself. Take a look here.