Jeff Barrington
Puglia Connection

Veneranda Granieri
Puglia Connection
 We've explored Puglia from top
to bottom, from Foggia to Lecce,
from Vieste on the edge of the
Gargano Peninsula to Marina de
Leuca at the tip of Salento. We've
traveled on planes and trains,
rented cars, discovered numerous
restaurants, hotels and sites worth
visiting, and worked with local
professional tour guides to gather
information about the most
interesting places to see and things
to do while traveling in Puglia.

 We look forward to sharing that
information with anybody who is
interested in learning more about
this fascinating destination.
 Veneranda's grandparents are all from
Puglia, within the province of Bari – her
maternal grandparents from Palo del
Colle and her paternal grandparents from
Bitonto. Veneranda and Jeff have both
studied Puglia's culture and history
extensively, and Jeff earned a master's
degree in tourism development from New
York University, where his research
centered on the development of Puglia
as a sustainable tourism destination.

 We formalized this project in 2005 under
the name Puglia Connection and are
working to develop www.
pugliaconnection.com as a valuable
resource for travelers.
Top – Barletta Castle (Photo by Susanna Granieri)

Center left – Alberobello (Photo by Tom Granieri)

Center right – Castel del Monte (Photo by Tom Granieri)

Bottom left – Bitonto (Photo by Tom Granieri)

Bottom middle – Locorotondo (Photo by Tom Granieri)

Bottom right – Lecce (Photo by a polite stranger)
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