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Associazione Guide
Turistiche della Regione
is an organization of
professional, multi-lingual
tour guides serving visitors
throughout Puglia.
FormazioneTurismo.com offers
assistance to those interested in the
formation and operation of tourism
and hotel industry initiatives.
Links to tourism organizations working with us as partners in other parts of Italy.
Guida Turistica dell'Umbria is an
authorized tourist agency specializing in
organizing individual and group tours,
events and meetings throughout the
Region of Umbria.
Museo Faggiano is an archaeological
site located under a property in the
historic old center of Lecce, featuring
2,000 years of history. The site was
discovered when the owner of the
property, Luciano Faggiano, was forced
to break the floors in order to change
the sewer pipes which, being old,
caused continual humidity on the walls.
COTUP – Consorzio degli
Operatori Turistici Pugliesi
(Consortium of Pugliesi Tour
Operators) lets travelers book
accommodations and services
directly with providers.
Cultour is a partnership of
young professionals which
combines skills, experience and
expertise in the fields of cultural
heritage, tourism, language
services and project planning.
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BasilicataTour promotes the discovery of the Region of
Basilicata, focusing on its history, nature and traditions.
Experience Puglia offers
complete private, escorted and
guided tours in Puglia, especially
for a couple, a single person or a
family. We take care of
everything, including airport
collection, accommodation,
transport to each location,
guided tours and cultural
itineraries from 1 to 6 days.
The United Pugliesi Federation fosters the
establishment and growth of relations between Pugliesi
in the New York Metropolitan Area, the United States and
the world. One of the main goals of the Federation is that
of improving and fostering the knowledge of Pugliesi
traditions, language and culture, together with the study
of the Italian language and history.
Asso Apulian is an association that promotes
“the Apulia system” in Italy and abroad through
cooperation with government partners,
business enterprises and local institutions.
The Westchester Italian Cultural
preserves, promotes and
celebrates the rich heritage of classic
and contemporary Italian culture
through exhibits and events.
Panzerotti Bites was created in
2015 by Vittoria and Pasquale, an
Apulian couple who longed to bring
one of the most famous Italian
street foods to New York,
. They studied and
perfected the bread-making process
until they achieved dough that was
rich in flavor and Italian history. In
2018, Panzerotti Bites opened its
first location in Brooklyn, NY.