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The U.S. Market for Puglia Tourism

The Region of Puglia’s Assessorato al Mediterraneo, Cultura e Turismo, the agency that
oversees tourism marketing and management policies for the region, has compiled “Focus
United States of America,” an overview of the U.S. tourism market to Puglia to assist
tourism developers, tour operators and guides, travel agents, hoteliers and others involved
in the tourism industry. It is an interesting study of a market that is still growing in
importance for the region as a quality international tourism destination.

Here are some key findings:

Initially supported by substantial expansionary fiscal and monetary policy maneuvers and
the rebuilding of inventories, U.S. economic recovery seems to be powered now by a revival
in demand both for consumer goods and for investments. However, in the tourism market,
the most direct competitors to Italy are very active in the U.S. market. Advertising
campaigns launched by certain European and non-European competitors, through TV
commercials, billboards and advertising pages in newspapers and magazines, as well as
extensive use of the internet, are frequent, highly visible and the result of substantial
financial investments.

1. Main months for travel are spring and summer.
2. Main types of transportation U.S.-Italy air only; travel within Italy: train, bus and car.
3. Main tourist products are art, nature, food and wine.
4. In 2011, in Italy there were 4,466,672 arrivals (+5.4% compared to 2010) with
11,515,881 overnight stays (+6.5%) from the U.S. with an average stay of 2.5 days.
5. Approximately 89% of arrivals were concentrated in hotels. Bank of Italy data on tourist
spending of Americans in Italy showed an increase of 12.1% (from 2.983 million in 2010 to
3.345 million euro in 2011).
6. In 2011, Puglia, welcomed 0.6% of U.S. tourism in Italy. The average stay of 3.04 days
is higher than the national average.

In 2011, incoming tourism from the U.S. recorded discordant values. Compared to an
increase of 3.1% in arrivals exceeding a number of 27,000, overnight stays fell by 3%
compared to the previous year, falling below the threshold of 80,000 nights.

The year 2012 was characterized, however, by a substantial increase in arrivals and
overnight stays (+10.43% and 13.38%). Overnight stays thus reach the number of
88,000, placing the U.S. tourist market in the sixth position in regional ranking, up three
places from a year earlier, preceded by Belgium (116,000 overnight stays) and followed by
Austria (87,000). The arrivals have instead exceeded 30,000 units.

In line with what occurs at the Italian level, as much as 90% of arrivals in Puglia are
concentrated in hotels, especially in the mid-high category facilities. 5-star luxury and 5-
star hotels correspond to 14.2% of arrivals while 4-star hotels correspond to 53.4% of
arrivals. U.S. tourists choose in particular the cities of Bari and Lecce, the towns of cultural
interest (San Giovanni Rotondo, Alberobello, Ostuni, Martina Franca, Monte Sant’Angelo),
(Fasano, Lucera, Manfredonia) and beach locations, from Salento to Daunia: Otranto,
Monopoli, Polignano a Mare, Trani and Vieste. There is a high concentration of arrivals in
May (13.5% of arrivals), June (13.3%) and September (20%).

From the data on tourist flow generated in the region, a strong focus on quality of services
has emerged. Not surprisingly there was a predilection for staying in 5- or 4-star

This tourism is also characterized by the propensity for seasonal adjustment of flow, a
need which, combined with the high quality requirements, has to be met by adequate
management of the use of territorial services. Since this is a highly attractive market for
many competitors, it is advisable to enhance and target the promotion strategies for this
popular basin. Given the common use of the Internet in the United States, the promotion
sites of the destination play a crucial role. The evolution of profiles characteristic of the
American tourist who intends to spend his/her holiday in Italy has undergone a
diversification in terms of expectations and goals. The majority of potential tourists use the
Internet to evaluate and choose the travel offers. The need to adequately restructure the
marketing and sales system has thus emerged, redefining the role of intermediaries (tour
operators, agencies) and diversifying the territorial offer more wisely and the way of
presenting the same.
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