“The Barese Ice Men”: Be a part of history


From the United Pugliese Federation of Greater New York:

We are proud to announce that the documentary film “The Barese Ice Men of New York,” which our association has helped to produce, will be presented on Nov. 14, 2015, at 7 P.M. at the Westchester Italian Cultural Center, 24 Depot Square, Tuckahoe, NY.

Carlo Magaletti, the director of the film, is working on the final stages of the post production and asks for help to complete the film in the best way possible (sound correction, color correction, payment of royalties for good music, and for some vintage footage).

Those who help the project will receive in return:

With a donation of at least $50 you can enter in the credits of the film your name/family and your own photo and get a gift copy of the DVD.

With $75, in addition to the above, you will receive the exclusive extra DVD “200 minutes BONUS material” (only 100 available)

With $100, in addition to the above, you will receive two tickets to the premiere on Nov. 14 (only 20 still available).

Those with a PayPal account can donate by going to the website: www.carlomagaletti.com (where you will also find many photos and videos of the project)

Those who want to use a credit card (avoiding PayPal) can go to the fundraising site Indiegogo by clicking:

Thanks for your attention.

My best regards,
John Mustaro, President

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