Tauck’s new Puglia program a winner for 2015


A year ago, I posted two blog items (here and here) reporting on the high-end U.S. tour operator Tauck’s 2015 entry into Puglia with a new week-long itinerary.

At that time I wrote, “When an international travel company of the stature of Tauck enters a new destination, it is good news for several reasons. First, it is an endorsement of Puglia’s tourism product by a company that caters to upscale international travelers, based on the company’s selection of hotels, attractions and visitor experiences. Second, it helps to rank Puglia on par with other high-level destinations. Third, it invites other travel companies to take a look at Puglia and invest their resources in the region. Fourth, it broadens Puglia’s appeal among travelers who will take the time and make the investment in learning about the region’s culture and heritage, thus helping to preserve and foster them. If this new program succeeds, everybody wins.”

A year later, it’s obvious that the new program is a success, and Puglia is all the more stronger for it. The originally scheduled 10 departures sold out, so the tour operator had to add eight more that also sold quickly.

In an email, Tom Armstrong, Corporate Communications Manager for Tauck, told me, “Yes, the new Puglia tour was very well received this year. We initially announced 10 dates about a year ago, but we’ll actually end up operating 18 dates and we’re basically sold out. Our guest satisfaction ratings for the tour were exceptional overall, so based upon this year’s success and the high guest satisfaction levels we enjoyed, we’re not planning any significant changes to the itinerary for next year.”

Puglia is certainly making news and gaining popularity in international markets in 2015 (read here about the latest visit to Puglia by Richard Gere and a couple of friends) and Tauck’s success with its new Puglia itinerary is just one more endorsement of the region as a world-class destination.

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