A taste of Puglia tourism in Lebanon

The Region of Puglia certainly is being proactive about promoting inbound tourism. In its latest international venture, the Regional Tourist Board of Puglia (Puglia Promozione) teamed up with the Italian Embassy in Lebanon this past weekend to showcase Puglia’s cuisine and culture to Lebanese travelers. The event was reported by the Daily Star, a Lebanese-based newspaper.

Giuseppe Morabito, the Italian ambassador to Lebanon, told the audience, “Italy is not only Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan for shopping. This is why we try to promote different parts of Italy, starting with the region of Puglia.” The event also was intended to highlight the similarities between Puglia and Lebanon. Geographically, Puglia is the closest Italian region in Italy to Lebanon and they have similar populations. A highlight of the event was a combined cooking demonstration and musical performance by “Donpasta,” who we saw at a Puglia Promozione event in New York City last fall.

Read all about the Lebanon event here.

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