More on Puglia terrorism arrests

Yesterday we reported that four foreigners were arrested and accused of working to create a terrorist cell in Puglia and planning terrorist attacks. More details have come to light. It was first reported that the men were arrested in Puglia; in fact, three were arrested elsewhere in Italy and the fourth outside the country, but all are accused of using Puglia as a base for plotting terrorist attacks.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the four men arrested by Italian police are Tunisians and they were arrested in Andria, the site of Castel del Monte. Further, it is alleged the men were discussing the possibility of mounting terrorist attacks in Italy as well as in the United States and Israel. Police had been tracking the men since 2008. Two suspects were arrested in Sicily, one was arrested in Lombardy and the fourth was captured in Belgium. Two other men are being hunted.

General Mario Parente, who heads the Carabinieri special operations team that oversaw the operation, said in a statement, “We have broken up a group which trained for terrorist activity and preached and raised funds.”

More details are available from La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno.

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