5 Puglia Hotels Featured in Expedia’s 2010 Insiders’ Select Rankings

BELLEVUE, Wash., May 4, 2010 – The online travel agency Expedia.com today unveiled the Expedia 2010 Insiders’ Select results, an annual ranking of the world’s best hotels for quality and value as determined mostly by traveler reviews. Hotels that routinely exceed customer expectations – in their customer service, amenities, competitive pricing and more – see that emphasis reflected in their rankings. And this year, for the first time, Insiders’ Select hotels are searchable during the booking process on Expedia.com, making it simple for travelers to maximize the value of their travel dollars.
Five properties in Puglia made the 2010 list. They are listed by rank, name, score (out of a possible 100), location and quality rating:
61. Risorgimento Resort (99.8), Lecce, 5 stars
1,110. Hotel Sierra Silvana (94.9), Selva di Fasano, 4 stars
1,524. Nicotel Barletta (93), Barletta, 4 stars
1,805. Tenuta Cocevola (91.7), Andria, 4 stars
1,821. Hotel Citta’ Bianca (91.6), Ostuni, 3 stars
The Insiders’ Select program, which debuted in 2007, ranks the top hotels from among more than 123,000 properties offered on Expedia sites internationally. The list is compiled using a mathematical formula that weighs three factors:
• More than one million traveler opinions from reviews submitted by Expedia customers after completing a stay at a hotel booked on Expedia sites. Traveler reviews are the most influential factor in the formula.
• A value rating that compares each property’s average daily rates to similar properties to assess the relative value the hotel offers, making it easy for travelers to identify hotels that deliver an excellent experience at a comparatively good value.
• The expertise of more than 400 Expedia market managers in cities across the globe, who work hand in hand with Expedia’s hotel partners to maximize the value they get from Expedia’s global online travel marketplace.
“Expedia.com travelers are among the most passionate in the world,” said John Morrey, vice president of e-commerce at Expedia Inc. “Every year, we help them book millions upon millions of hotel rooms, in every corner of the world. And in return, they help us pinpoint the hotels that deliver a truly world-class experience. Traveler reviews are a crucial part of the research and booking process for our travelers. We vet each review carefully to confirm that the author actually stayed at the hotel. Then we gather up more than a million of them, tabulate them and share the results with everyone.”
The 2010 list includes properties in 1,022 cities worldwide. Forty percent of Insiders’ Select hotels are in Europe, 30 percent are in the United States and 30 percent are elsewhere in the world. The top ranking went to the Galaxy Iraklio Hotel on Crete. Risorgimento Resort received the top score in Italy. For more information on Insiders’ Select, visit http://www.expedia.com/insidersselect.

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